If you’re like most people, you probably know a few people who have been on a cruise. And they probably came back raving about the amazing time they had. Cruising is continuing to increase in popularity, and for many people, that first cruise is all it takes before they’re hooked.

I’ve heard amazing things about cruising, so here are a few of the main reasons why my next holiday will be a cruise:

I always struggle with budgeting when I’m on holiday. For some reason, my budget typically goes out of the window and I return with maxed-out credit cards. But with cruising, everything is already included.
That includes your transport from each destination, more food choices than you can imagine, plenty of entertainment, and more. You can choose to pay for your gratuities (tips) before you sail, and if you think you’ll be drinking a few alcoholic beverages, you can even purchase a drinks package so you’re always covered.

Super-organised people will research and book their cruise tours in advance as well, so you literally only need to pay for food and souvenirs when you’re away from the ship.


Amazing destinations
I love travelling, but I also often find it exhausting. That’s why I like getting to see as much as possible in a short amount of time (without feeling rushed). With cruising, you get to pack in lots of different cities, with some of the most popular tourist sites in the world, without having to get on a train or plane.

Baltic cruises are a good choice, or you can relax by the pool while you travel around the Mediterranean. From the Caribbean to New Zealand, there’s a cruise waiting for you- wherever you want to go.

Top entertainment
While I love getting out and exploring a new destination, I also love relaxing. Cruising gives you the best of both worlds- you can leave the ship and see a new city, and the next day you can stay on the ship and hit the gym, drink margaritas by the pool, or catch a show. While I don’t have kids, I can imagine that cruising will be a great option for me when I do, since kids are also kept entertained with fun kids clubs.

Have you taken a cruise? Or are you planning to take a cruise this year? Leave a comment below and let me know what you think.