The essence of Norway’s appeal is simple. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime destination and one of the most beautiful countries in the world.

The Norwegian fjords are almost impossibly steep, with grand glaciers snaking down from some of the largest icefields in Europe. Combine this with the staggering view of the arctic, some of Europe’s prettiest towns and villages, and of course, the Northern lights, and it’s easy to see why so many people have Norway on their list.

Here are a few reasons why your next trip should be to Norway:

The Northern Lights
If seeing the amazing purple and green-hued light show swirling across a winter sky is on your bucket list, Norway is the place to go. The best time to see the lights is between September and late March. There are plenty of Northern Lights tours to choose from, combining these incredible natural wonders with trips to unspoiled fishing villages and other interesting sights.

Easy Travel
Sometimes you just want a trip that feels easy and stress-free. Norwegians are helpful and speak excellent English, plus the country’s modern, efficient public transport makes it easy to get around. There are also a number of Norway tours which do the hard work for you, so you can sit back, relax, and enjoy the country without worrying about any of the details.

Natural Beauty
The Norwegian landscape almost looks like it was carved by giants. Think dramatic cliffs, pristine waterfalls, alluring snow fields, and verdant forests. This is a country that’s perfect for you if you love the outdoors, and you can try almost any activity, from diving and climbing to cycling, kayaking, and hiking. If you love snow sports, the ski season lasts from fall right through until spring. There are even some ski resorts located at the base of glaciers and these are open during the summer months as well.

Of course, you could spend months enjoying all that Norway has to offer, but if you’re planning to take a trip to Norway, you’ve got the perfect excuse to visit other Scandinavian countries while you’re there as well. Consider heading south to see the canals and cafes of Copenhagen or Gothenburg. And if you’re flying from the United States, Iceland Air offers a free Icelandic stopover, which gives you even more bang for your travel buck.

If you’re landing in Oslo, be sure to spend some time in this exciting city. Thanks to its pedestrian-friendly and historic core, you can easily spend your days exploring interesting attractions like Vigeland Park, City Hall, and the Nobel Peace Center.

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