When asked about what might be on their bucket list, most people will respond with “travelling.” When further prompted with the question of where they would like to travel, common lists of answers include, France, Italy, and Spain to name a few choices. If you haven’t quite solidified where in the world your bucket list will take you, Glasgow is the hidden gem of Scotland that everyone should visit at least once.


Many words come to mind when native Glaswegians and tourists describe the city, such as the lively culture and gorgeous sightseeing. However, the most common and well-known is simply the friendliness of the native people. Walking through the streets of the city, you will be greeted with smiles, warm handshakes, and friendly faces around every corner. Feel free to ask the natives for directions, or suggestions on where to go sightseeing in town – they are always happy to show off just how proud they are of their beloved Glasgow.

With approximately 600,000 inhabitants in the energetic city, it’s not hard to find an activity to get involved in or places to visit. There are a variety of different tourist attractions that are meant to please anybody, ranging from art lovers to foodies, all the way to fitness fanatics and leisure lovers. The most popular attractions include:

The Glasgow School of Art
Merchant Square
Pinkston Watersports
Riddle Rooms Ltd.
A Little Taste of Italy Restaurant
House of Cashmere
Truly Truly Tartan

Not to fear, these are only a small sampling of the variety of wonders available to tourists in the city. While these are some of the most popular by far, there is something for each and every person in Glasgow.


If you feel limited by travel costs, there are many year-round deals for trips to Glasgow at a very affordable price. It helps if you plan your trip in advance – checking out the best time to visit and the places you wish to include in your itinerary. A summer trip in July, as priced by Expedia, costs only $1,961 for a one week stay in Glasgow, including flight charges, hotel fees, taxes and miscellaneous expenses. You will be staying in the popular four-star hotel Frasier Suites Glasgow equipped with fitness facilities, childcare options, laundry service, and other family friendly amenities.

A trip to Glasgow, Scotland will leave you refreshed, exhilarated, and with one more check off of your bucket list.