Going away on your vacation isn’t the cheapest thing in the world. Even a simple weekend getaway can cost you a few hundred dollars. For that reason, most people will limit the number of times throughout the year that they travel and will save throughout the year for the times that they do take trips. However, even after paying for things like a rental car, a hotel stay, and plane tickets, you’ll still need to have a bit of cash so that you’ll be able to do some things and have a good time. From having to pay for food and drinks to participating in activities and doing a bit of shopping, there are quite a few things you might need a bit of cash for.

If you’re worried about not having enough spending money for one of your trips, you might want to consider using a few of the below suggestions in an effort to put a bit of additional spending money in your pocket.


Short Term Loan

If you need a bit of extra spending money for your vacation, you can always go to sites like http://westernshamrock.com and apply for an online installment loan. This is a short-term loan that’s offered to people who need access to cash quickly. There are minimal requirements and it only takes a day or two for the funds to be deposited in your account once you’ve been approved. Once you’ve received approval, you’ll be able to set up a reasonable repayment plan to pay the money back in full.

Get a Side Hustle

One good way to get that additional spending money you’ll need to take that road trip from Vegas to the Grand Canyon is to get a side hustle or two. If you happen to have any jobs or skills that you don’t mind taking on in the weeks leading up to your trip, begin advertising your services. It doesn’t matter if you decide to walk the neighborhood dogs, help people move, join a rideshare company, or babysit, you’ll be able to get paid cash in hand the very day the job is completed so that you’ll be able to save it for your vacation.

Pack a Lunch

While this one doesn’t have to do with packing food for your trip (although that can save money too), it does have to do with the time leading up to it. Before your trip, you’ll need to cut financial corners wherever possible. One area to easily do this and save a few dollars is to pack your lunches for work as opposed to ordering out. The money that would have been spent for lunch can go into your trip fund.

Charge It

Credit cards are quite convenient for traveling. They eliminate the necessity of converting money when you’re traveling abroad or even to carry any cash at all. If you happen to have a good credit card that has a decent credit limit, you’ll be able to use it to cover what you spend on your trip. You just need to ensure that you pay your balance down before the interest costs you more than it should.

You’ve relentlessly saved your money and waited patiently for long enough to finally take your vacation. Now that the time to leave is nearing, don’t allow something as trivial as limited cash for spending stress you out and put a damper on your relaxing vacation. Not when you can use things like a short-term loan, a side hustle, packing your lunch, and credit cards to boost the budget for the trip.