Visiting London via private coach hire can often be quite overwhelming, whether you’re visiting on work, play, or a special occasion, you’re probably keen to squeeze as much into your weekend as possible.

Stay in a central location

If you’re hoping to see many of the most famous sites in London and don’t want to waste time travelling into the city it’s a good idea to choose a good location that’s close to major amenities like the tube. Covent Garden is a hub for all things exciting, and with Rosewood London only a stone’s throw away from the fun, it’s a great luxurious place to rest your head.


Shop, Shop, Shop

It goes without saying that London is the capital of all things fashion. If you’re lucky enough to be around during January, or September, be sure to put your best items on and check out all things Fashion Week. With famous faces from all over the world stopping by, it’s not something you won’t want to miss out on.

Put on your hiking boots

Okay, so not literally, any shoes will be fine. But if you’re wanting to get a true experience of all things London then you’ll be doing a hell of a lot of walking. Pack your comfy shoes for a walk along the Thames, if you’re a reality TV junkie we’ve also heard that the Made in Chelsea tour is a real thing!

Watch a West End show!

Whether a theatre junky or not, a first time veteran to the stage or a huge fans of all things musical, the West End is home to some of the biggest and best productions in the world. Whether it’s a matinee performance you make, or if it’s an evening, these are a barrow of fun. Do your research into the different types of show you want to see to work out whether it suits your needs.

Hit the British Bars

It goes without saying that the British love a good pint. Being the capital, London is brimming with some of the best bars and pubs in the country. Be sure to do your research, you’ll get an idea of what is best suited to your needs, age, and other general desires!

While there are plenty tourist hot spots that you’ll want to visit in London, these are just a few ways to see a different side of the city next time you visit. Have fun!