Going on a cruise is possible one of the most luxurious and relaxing ways of spending your vacation. You don’t have to plan anything about our trip, you get to stay in some of the most comfortable cabins fitted with modern fixtures and amenities, you get to enjoy an excellent level of service, all of your shore excursions are planned for you – what else do you need to spend your vacation in style and comfort?

However, the only Achilles heel of a cruise trip is the price. Although it is quite a good value if you consider everything which comes included in the price of a cruise ticket, still the cost cannot be considered cheap. Not all of us are fortunate enough to spend so much money on one single trip.

But there is a way around that!

If you can get yourself a last minute cruise deal, then you can have this luxurious experience at a much cheaper cost. So if you want to enjoy the luxurious experience of a cruise vacation at a fraction of the price, here are four tips for getting yourself the best last minute cruise deal you can find.


1. Book your tickets at the ‘right’ time

Cruise lines normally offer the last minute cruise deals around 60 to 90 days prior to the date of departure. During this time, the cruise operators know how many cabins are left, and that’s why they start running offers on the prices so that the rooms sell out. This is the best time to book your cruise tickets, as you will be able to book your tickets at a much-reduced price than the normal rates.

2. Do not travel during the peak season

Cruise lines offer the last minute cruise deals when they have a vessel which has not been sold out. Now during the peak season, chances of having an unsold room are much less. Most of the last minute cruise deals are offered during the shoulder season, as the cruise ships cater to a lot less number of travellers during that time. So if you plan your trip during the shoulder season, you will be more likely to get a last minute cruise deal.


3. Check online for deals

The cruise sellers have a lot of authorised ways to sell their tickets at lower rates or to offer different bonuses through different partners or agencies. Most of these agencies have websites which showcase the ongoing deals you can get. So remember to research and check at multiple places to make sure you are getting the best deal possible.

4. Always check the fine print

Whenever you book a last minute cruise deal, do remember to thoroughly check exactly what are you getting for your money. Many last minute cruise deals will not let you choose the cabin type you want. If you suffer from claustrophobia, then getting an inline cabin will obviously break the deal. Check whether the prices of beverages and meals served are included in the price or not. Also remember to check any extra taxes or fees which you have to pay, which are often not included in the ticket price.