Travelling to Italy from the UK for a holiday usually takes about 2 hours. Although Italy isn’t a large country, you should make a list of the regions and attractions you want to see. If you’re a first-time visitor, here are some helpful tips.


1. People visit Rome for its historic attractions, but it’s a modern, sprawling city and is very hilly. You can’t see all that Rome has to offer on your first trip, but there are so many things to do when in Rome. Get a map of the city so you’ll know the proximity of the attractions. Rome’s metro system is the easiest way to get around the city. If you’re mailing postcards home, mail them from Vatican City, which has faster postal service.

2. Italy has an excellent public transportation system, and if you aren’t renting a car, the country has an efficient rail system. You can take a train to virtually any region in Italy. Travelling by train is the perfect way to enjoy the Italian countryside. However, there are some places that are remote, and budget flights are the best option.


3. Italy is a beautiful, diverse country of 20 regions, and the two city-states of San Marino and Vatican City. Although many visitors travel to the cities of Rome, Naples, Venice, and Milan, you should learn about each of the regions to find out what they have to offer when planning your trip. Here are a few examples:

~ Abruzzo is within 50 miles of Rome. The place has spectacular mountain ranges, charming, Renaissance and medieval towns, and national parks. Abruzzo is on the eastern coast of Italy.

~ The Acosta Valley in the north is rustic and the perfect location for hiking and climbing trips during the summer and a world-class ski area in the winter, and is famous for its spas.

~ Campania is one of the largest regions, is close to Naples, and is most famous for Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast. Cilento National Park is in Campania, south of Salerno


~ Emilia-Romagna is a beautiful region on the eastern coast, known for its beaches, excellent, regional cuisine, museums, and historic churches. The region is the location of the oldest university in the world in Bologna.

~ Sicily is the site of several UNESCO World Heritage Sites including Greek ruins, resort towns and beautiful beaches. Sicily is an ideal place for beach lovers to visit in the off-season for budget rates on accommodations.

~ Tuscany is the heart of the Italian wine country. The region is famous for its vineyards, museums, national parks, and beautiful beaches. Take the time to visit the capital city of Florence.