Barcelona, Spain is known as one of the most intriguing destinations that feature year-round festivals and a culture that is rich in the arts. Those exploring the area can enjoy taking in the historic architecture of the buildings or trying the authentic cuisine served at a few of the restaurants. Although there is a long list of activities to do, here are a few Barcelona activities that you must not miss when in the city any time of the year.


1. Indulge in Wine Tasting

Mark off one extra activity on your bucket list by going wine tasting in Barcelona for an educational and delicious experience. You’ll be able to try local snacks that are paired with different flavors of wine and learn about the various colors and fragrances of the beverage while on a guided tour.

2. Take a Hike up Montjuïic

To enjoy spectacular views of the city, take a hike up Montjuïic for an isolated area that isn’t overrun with tourists. You can also explore several attractions once at the top where both Palau Sant Jordi and the buildings from the Olympic Games of 1992 are still present.

3. Try Bridge Jumping

For an increase in your adrenaline, try one of the most popular activities in the city by bungee jumping off of a local bridge with the help of a professional guide. You’ll be able to choose the intensity of your jump while taking in panoramic views of the location.


4. Explore the Museums

understandably, most people would not miss the Picasso Museum or the MACBA museum when in the city, there are also a number of unique galleries that are known for their bizarre nature. Instead of sticking to basic museums, explore sites that include everything from the Museum of Holography to the Funeral Museum – what a “horrifying” experience! The Perfume Museum features a variety of small perfume bottles while the Shoe Museum showcases everything from Roman sandals to sky-high boots from the 1970s.

5. Swim in the in the Mediterranean

When you want to cool off from the warm weather in the summer, take a dip in the Mediterranean at one of the many beaches in Barcelona. You can also dry off on the sand, take a sailboat out on the water, and meet other locals while soaking in the beautiful views.