Travelling to several other countries is a fabulous thing to do and something that you will remember for a long time. From bonding with old and new friends over a bottle of wine to seeing some truly awesome sights, travelling the world is seriously cool. But what if you don’t have an endless supply of money to fund your travels? Don’t give up on your travelling dream! This situation is actually quite common for many travelers, particularly the younger ones.

Get yourself some work lined up

Of course, that simple answer is also the best one as it means you can keep your travel dream alive.

Here are some cool tips on finding work when travelling the globe:


Hit the Internet – as you would expect in today’s digital age, the Internet is your best friend when it comes to job seeking abroad. Get online and find some job boards for where you are heading as these will have all the latest vacancies and useful information. Many jobs will allow you to apply online immediately or will have an address to contact.

Ask around – another great tip is to use the network of travelers around you to help. Many others will already be working, or looking for work, so can point out the best places to get a job. They will also be able to tell you the places to avoid!

Check in your hostel – many travelers actually find work in the hostel they are staying at. It could be anything from working the bar to the front reception desk. All it takes is a polite enquiry and you could be in luck.

Go direct – we’ve all sat in a bar or café that looks a cool place to earn some bucks. If there is somewhere like this where you are, don’t be afraid to be direct and ask if there are any vacancies.

Don’t forget about a bank account!

When you have traveled to a place and are working there, you might decide to stick around for the long-term. In that case, you will need a bank account opened in the country where you are living so you can have your wages paid into it each month. An added bonus of that is that it also makes it simple to send money to or receive it from home. That can come in very handy when you need to send some money to a loved one for their birthday or have to ask for some emergency funds to be sent over to you!

Wherever you are in the world, money transfer companies are the most reliable and secure way to send money internationally. It is very easy to find money transfer bureau in New York if you are based there, and most other major cities across the world.

Finding work abroad is not too tough

Although it may seem daunting to find a job and to work in a place you are not familiar with, finding work when travelling is not that difficult. Most of it revolves around keeping your ears open and being involved with your new surroundings so you can find out which businesses are looking to hire people.