With Christmas fast approaching, it’s fair to say that many people are looking forward to a bit of R&R over the holiday break. Of course, if you’re flapping about trying to look after the whole family, put dinner on the table, and keep up with work, there’s a fair chance that the holidays aren’t the relaxing break you need. Whether you fancy treating yourself or indulging a particularly stressed loved one, it’s definitely worth booking yourself a luxurious weekend away in a great hotel – where you can enjoy being looked after.


City Breaks

City breaks are incredibly popular, especially among young professionals, for a very good reason. For just a short weekend you can enjoy some escapism in a whole new city, treating yourself to delicious dinners and new cultures without breaking the bank. If you’re the type to get restless easily, you’ve got a whole new city to explore – top destinations for quick getaways include Edinburgh’s gorgeous cobbled medieval streets, Paris’s exquisite restaurants, or Barcelona’s laid back attitude and wonderfully artistic architecture. January tends to be a quiet time for booking flights, so get in quick for a post-Christmas holiday. If you can afford to splash out, why not travel in style with a private jet.


Spa Weekend

Of course for some people, holidays should be about getting a little (or a lot) of rest and relaxation. The answer to this type of holiday, of course, is a luxury spa weekend. While a day off in the spa on a luxury break in Europe can be an invigorating new experience, there’s a few options closer to home as well. Classic British Hotels have an excellent range of spa resorts, dedicated to detoxing and ensuring that you feel the best you can. It’s worth browsing the extensive menu of spa treatments, including house specialities, so you can plan a day that suits you perfectly.


Mini Cruise

Most people’s idea of a luxury holiday is a cruise – and fortunately mini cruises are becoming increasingly popular. Usually departing from Southampton, a mini cruise offers a great chance to spend a long weekend touring Europe’s loveliest coastlines and rivers, without the hassle of having to unpack between destinations. Popular cruise routes include Ireland, Scandinavia, the Western Mediterranean, and the Baltics, all easily explorable from your luxury cabin room. A great benefit of cruises is all the inclusive on-board entertainment, so you can still catch a movie or a show in the downtime between excursions.