Do you love the idea of camping and being surrounded by nature, but shudder at the thought of sleeping on a half deflated mattress on the ground? Do you want the experience of camping but with a bit more comfort? Well then glamping may be for you. It’s essentially camping, just with a little more glamour. Of course, the amount of extra comfort glamping provides totally depends on you and what’s essential to your comfort. The number of adults set to take glamping trips is estimated to rise to almost 18 million this year. That’s a lot of glamping! I personally love interior design – both at home and when traveling. If you need a little help consider working with Kia Designs who can help you transform your home. Wanna transform your glamping tent? Here are my essentials for getting started with glamping:

1. Electricity
When you’re in your beautiful glamping tent, I have no doubt that you will want to take some photos to share with social media and friends. It may be a good idea to invest in a solar charger, so that you can charge your devices no matter how isolated you are!

2. Pillows
Comfort is king, especially when glamping, but choosing some gorgeous cushions can brighten up your glamping tent and make it more inviting. My favourite pillows are large floor pillows that you can push together to create a cool zone to chill out in, away from the heat of the day. It’s a great low-budget way to add a seating area to your glamping tent.

3. Cute Lighting
Fairy lights can transform any space from plain to special, in my opinion. My favourite lights are little fairy lights or small cylinder ball lights. Your challenge will be to find lighting that is either solar powdered or can run off battery packs. Some special lighting features will make your glamping tent stand out from the crowd and also make it easier to find your way back at night after a few drinks!

I prefer glamping over camping as it’s just that little bit more comfortable. With these simple tips you can transform your glamping tent into a very cool and memorable space. Happy glamping!

Check out this great infographic by Kia DesignsKia Designs Infographic (004)