Sling your headphones, giant shades and glow sticks in a suitcase, because it’s that time of year again: it’s time for some sunshine and your 2014 Ibiza holidays are officially imminent but before you order your first booze-loaded cocktail in the hotel bar, consider how you want to feel for the rest of your holiday. Are you sick and tired (quite literally) of writing off entire chunks of your hard earned holiday to a hangover? While, understandably, you may be in one of the world’s party capitals, it’s no fun to wake up to the post-debauch nightmare of a banging headache, mouth like the bottom of a parrot’s cage and no way of extracting yourself from the mattress to walk around in the daylight. At least not every single day. So take an aspirin, top up your vitamin C, and resolve to pursue one of these more sedate adventures, as soon as your body gets back to business as usual.

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Learn to dive
With shipwrecks, underwater caves and incredible species of sea creatures to discover, sobriety might just be the next big thrill, especially if it means you get to go diving. Book your induction and hire the requisite equipment with one of the reputable diving centers and explore the cozy waters surrounding the Cala d’Hort Marine Nature Reserve. Soft coral forests, seahorses and moray eels will make you feel just as euphoric as when that killer beat drops.

Get on your bike
Hire a mountain bike to chart out an exhilarating discovery of Ibiza’s varied terrain and learn what lies beyond the clubs, crowds and resorts. A range of routes catering to every ability level range from the gentle inclines of the island’s beautiful Las Salinas salt flats, to the more extreme hilly inland terrain, studded with pretty villages like gems. Bike hire starts from around 15 euros, which means you’re paying about the same for an entire day of adventure as you would for a couple of cheap, sugary cocktails. Something to think about when you order that next Margarita.


Indulge in retail rehab
So some might argue it’s simply swapping one vice for another, but spending a day shopping in Ibiza’s colorful Hippy Market will make you beam; there’s nothing like the elation of haggling for a bargain. Try to get there early (which won’t be a problem, if you haven’t overindulged), grab a fragrant cup of coffee and treat yourself to that rainbow dreamcatcher, hand-dyed bag or enamel brooch of your dreams. With the acceptance that as soon as you get home, it will immediately seem ridiculous, and be discarded. Obviously.


Explore Eivissa D’Alt Vila
Ibiza’s old town is an officially recognized World Heritage Site, and is criminally overlooked by the thousands of clubbers who spend all their time on the island sniffing out their next vodka tonic. Trekking to the top of these traditional dwellings and fortifications offers travelers a stupendous view over the island, smashes your daily step count target and offers a little well-earned respite from the thrum of the bass. Visit first thing in the morning or at sundown to avoid the blistering midday scorch.

Ibiza, it has the clubs and pubs for those who want it. And for those who don’t want, there’s still more than enough to offer. It doesn’t have to dancing the night away and then chilling. You can always be just chilling.