Whether we are looking to invest in a first home or second home, we will want it to be a place that we can call home. A nice location that our family and friends can enjoy because it offers relaxation and a range of activities to keep the mind and body occupied. Equally, we will want to think of its future investment potential. This will be determined by how nice an area it is and how striking the property is to look at. By visiting this site you can find out more. We shall also consider in this article what attracts real estate investors to Costa Rica as a place to live and invest.


A reason to move to Costa Rica might be to retire. In this case, you have already invested in another property and can use that money for the new purchase. Your property in Costa Rica will now be an investment for your family. They can use the property to go on holiday or to rent out to tourists for an income in the future. An investment in Costa Rican real estate will continue to appreciate because of desirability. Its magnificent and relaxing beaches help with that. They are also a place for water-based activities for younger members of the family to enjoy when visiting.

Cost of Living

Costa Rica is an affordable place to live because it offers low living costs and low taxes to its residents. It is comforting to know, too, that it has a stable government. There is also high-quality health care provided. Its low property tax of 0.25 percent of the registered property value is inviting from the start. So, an investment in Costa Rican real estate can represent a long-term saving when you can live more affordably.

What Costa Rica Offers in Terms of its Attractions

So, what is in Costa Rica to attract house buyers? Why not any other place in the world? Well, it has at least 60 national parks, biological zones, and wildlife refuges, which are spread across 12 ecological areas. We all desire open spaces where we can experience nature first-hand. The popular national parks in Costa Rica include Corcovado National Park, Manuel Antonio National Park, and Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve.

Costa Rica also offers a rainforest experience that is difficult to replicate elsewhere. We adopt measures to protect rainforests as part of the environment but what can be better than experiencing one up close? Living near to one is just the icing on top of the cake. A significant area of Costa Rica consists of rainforests, and it is a heartening sight to see and to live near to.

The Pre-Columbian Gold Museum, which is situated in San José, the capital of Costa Rica, is a subterranean building that can be found underneath the “Plaza de la Cultura”. It houses an archaeological collection that consists of an incredible 3,567 Pre-Columbian artifacts. Of these artifacts, 1,922 are ceramic pieces and 1,586 are gold objects. Also, there are 46 stone objects, 9 bead or glass objects, and 4 jade ones. The gold part of the collection dates as far back as 300 BC and is as new as 1500 AD. So, there is a lot of history here to explore, and enough to keep residents and tourists interested for a long period of time.

For some activities to do in Costa Rica, we can venture to the national parks or the beach. The national parks offer canyoning, cave tubing, river rafting, and zip-lining. For sightseeing, it is a dream paradise for animal lovers, who can see macaws, sea turtles, and sloths. The beaches offer relaxation on their white sands or water sports and diving.

So, much to do and much to see. Above all, Costa Rica is a great place to invest in, whether purchasing real estate to live in, work from, retire to, or earn an income from.