For many people, emigrating from America to a foreign country is a real possibility. You may want to move somewhere else to change career or progress in your current one. It could be you feel another country would offer your family a better standard of living or simply feel that itch to up sticks and move to somewhere new. Whatever your personal reasons, finding that perfect country to move to once you have made up your mind requires some research.

If you want a few helpful ideas on what you should consider before packing your case, read on.

Naturally, if you have a family you will be keen to make sure their education in the new country is of a high standard. There are lots of great schools in many countries now to help with that. Make sure to check a few out in the country you are thinking of moving to, and don’t leave it too late to apply before you set off.

Many parents now enroll their children in international schools because they offer a globally recognized standard of education and help students settle into the new culture. The Australian International School – – is one that recognises the important relationship between culture and education, while looking outwards to help students understand why it’s important to make the world a better place.


Work opportunities
If you are not moving to a new country to retire then you will need to think about what to do for work when you have moved. Finding the perfect country to emigrate to in this case needs to involve checking out the job market so you know there is something available in your sector and area of expertise.

Lower cost of living
Another factor to consider when choosing your dream move is what the cost of living and accommodation would be. You don’t want to make the mistake of moving somewhere only to find you can’t afford to live there. Take time to fully research this beforehand to find out about different factors like the average rent of a house or apartment, the cost of food and how much you are likely to earn.

Just a great place to live
In amongst all the practical things to think about, don’t forget this! This is going to be your dream move to a perfect place to live so make sure it will be somewhere that is fun. You need to make sure it has all you want to keep you happy, both in your professional and personal life. Check out the social scene – is it lively, are there other ex-pats out there you can make friends with? All this will help make the move a success.

Start looking for your perfect country today
Of course, the perfect country to move to will be different for everyone. It is important to make a choice you are happy with but hopefully the above tips should help with that. Many American’s make the leap to emigrate abroad every year with great success so there is no reason you shouldn’t be successful.