Often we spend so much time organising a trip, that we forget to celebrate it. It’s easy to become wrapped up in researching, reading reviews, and booking accommodation and flights, and forget to enjoy the experience.

It’s important to celebrate each new trip, so that we can take the time to really enjoy it. Otherwise we often return from a vacation still feeling like we need to relax.

Here are some ways you can celebrate a new trip:

Have a research party

Once you decide to go on vacation, there are soon a lot of decisions to make. This process can take weeks, or even months if you let it, so it’s best to get all of the people who are traveling together and at least get the basics nailed down.

So why not order some pizza, grab some cheap champagne, and tell everybody to bring their laptops or iPads with them.

From there it’s just a matter of being sure to listen to everyones point of view, and if no one can agree, there’s always a good, old-fashioned democratic voting system.


Celebrate the booking

So you’ve finally decided on all of the details, and booked all of your flights, travel insurance, accommodation and tours? Time to celebrate! This is the perfect time to take stock, and begin to get excited about the trip. Get together with family and friends, talk excitedly about your plans, and begin making lists of things to pack.

Celebrating your trip at every stage will mean more time enjoying it, and less time feeling like the planning and booking stages are “homework”.

Throw a leaving party

Whether you’ll be away for 10 days, or 10 months, it’s always a good idea to have a leaving party. If you’re just taking a short trip you may want to keep it small and just invite those who are traveling together, but if you’ll be away for a long time, you’ll want to say a proper goodbye to all of your friends at once. This will mean that the days leading up to the trip won’t be overly emotional as you say your goodbyes to everyone separately.

If it’s just a small group who are going on a short trip, why not make it a sleepover the night before you leave? It’s the perfect way to ensure that everyone makes it to the airport on time, as you’ll all be together, and you’ll probably be too excited to sleep anyway.

This will also make it easier to pack, since those who have extra room can shuffle their clothes for those who aren’t the best at packing.


Celebrate your return

Once you return from a trip it can be hard to get back into normal life. Yesterday you were lying on the beach or exploring foreign lands, and now you’re expected to just go back to work? So get together with your friends, share photographs of the trip, have a few drinks, and celebrate a successful trip.

You may even find yourself planning the next one.