It’s that time of year when the tree is shedding their vibrant leaves, and you can hear the relaxing rustling between your feet as you walk through piles of them. The nights are becoming longer, and the pleasure of watching the stars is once again, granted to you by the clear and frosty sky. The winter shall soon be upon you, and before you know it, the wilderness which has such beauty will be buried under layers of white, fluffy snow. So, there is no better time to go for a quick camping holiday, than the season of autumn. The birds, mammals and various different insects are getting ready for the colder months ahead, and so, despite the weather being damp and windy, there’s lot of activity to be observed. But the questions is, apart from the tent, what are the things you need to make a camping trip, great and memorable?
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Food is love

Just because you’re out in the woods, doesn’t mean you should be eating what the bears eat. Bring along with you any kind of packed lunches and store them in your camping food storage container. For even great protection from the elements, you can wrap food in clingfilm, and place in a vacuum sealed bag. Suck all the air out, and any meat you want to cook over the open flame will be nice and juicy as well as fresh without any oxidisation. Early in the morning, you can boil your tea or coffee, and take it with you in Thermo Boutique flasks. You can hike up the mountain all day long, and your coffee will still be piping hot when you go for a drink. Slim and slender, these kinds of flasks just slip away neatly in any backpack travel, without taking up any room.

Photo by – Tamas Meszaros

Don’t sleep rough

Going back and remembering films and television programs that showed people sleeping on the floor isn’t what you’ll find nowadays. You can be so comfortable by not even touching the floor, and sleeping on an air-filled mattress. The Slumberland Deluxe Comfort Mattress is a welcome break from sleeping bags that insist they’re comfortable, yet have to be laid on the cold hard ground. Now you can have an actual mattress to sleep on in the wild, by using the built-in pump, which fills the product with air, using your car’s power outlet as the source of power. Light, and of course, airy, the mattress allows you to sleep in abject comfort, with little risk of creepy crawlies exploring who you are in the middle of the night. If you really want to camp in style and you’re in Colorado, glamping is a great option. Wifi-enabled cabins with super cozy beds and electricity will make sleeping under the stars a comfortable experience.

Early morning hygiene

The reason why many camping trips used to be short, was because there was no way to keep hygienic enough to prolong the stay in the woods, by more than 2-3 days. Those days are gone, with modern technology such as portable water heaters, and showers. The ZODI Outback Gear Hot Top Travel Shower is a nifty, small and portable shower that heats up your water and then has the ability to be your own water station. An 8-foot hose allows you to wash from every angle. The 6-volt system is durable and offers great performance, with little waiting time for the water to become as hot as you want.

The more advanced technology gets, and the more great products such as these come to market, you can bet to see an increase in the number of campers. No longer is the wilderness for the select few brave enough to live and sleep rough, but it’s accessible to everyone, no matter who you are.