You wouldn’t dream of driving your car around without adequate insurance, so why would you think it’s okay to go away on holiday without insuring your long-awaited travel plans?

Put simply, travel insurance is just as important as your flight, so never attempt to travel without it!


Extras are what make up your holiday to the max, and you can easily take advantage of many cost-cutting corners by adding extras onto your plans. Take how you get to the airport for example, do you book public transport? If you do then you could be missing a trick! I personally prefer to drive, and I would much rather do this and book my parking space through ParkBCP then book a coach or train. I don’t like the stress and hassle of public transport, and find that driving and parking up saves me money too. I recently booked East Midlands Airport parking for a fantastic price, totally proving my point.

Extras are there to add comfort and convenience to your holiday, but insurance shouldn’t really be looked upon as an extra, it’s more of a definite.

When looking for an adequate travel insurance policy, it’s important to shop around for the best deals. Online is the place to head, with price comparison websites your friend. Simply put in your details and choose a policy that suits your needs. I personally would choose somewhere in the middle of the price range, and check the excess costs aren’t too high. Remember to declare any pre-existing medical conditions at the time of arranging your policy and you should find that you are comfortably insured for the duration of your holiday.


Peace of mind is something that can’t be bought but in the event of a problem, such as a medical emergency, you will be glad you took a little time out of your busy day to organise your travel insurance policy. Having a safety blanket such as this gives you breathing space, and if there is a problem then you know you won’t be facing a huge bill at the end of it, because provided you were honest and declared everything at the time of booking, you will be covered apart from your excess cost.

Once you’ve found your policy, remember to print it out, store the emergency number in your mobile phone, and put the paperwork in your hand luggage, ready to take with you. Obviously we hope that you never need to read that paperwork again, and that there isn’t a problem during your time away, but if there is, it’s always better to be safe than sorry!