Planning some travel this year? If you love vaping, the destination you choose may be dependent on where you can enjoy vaping without worrying about local laws.

Here are some of the best tourist-friendly places for vapers:


London is welcoming for vapers, with many restaurants even allowing vaping indoors. Even parliament has made it clear that they’re fine with vaping, and MPs are able to vape in some areas within parliament.

Virginia Beach

We all love a beach holiday, but vaping is banned on many beaches around the world. Virginia Beach is the perfect place to go if you’re hoping to vape on the beach, with plenty of bars, restaurants, and tourist spots where you can vape while enjoying a beautiful view of the beach.


This is unlikely to surprise you, but Amsterdam is one of the best spots for vaping. The Dutch are some of the most open-minded people around, and vaping is more than acceptable throughout the country, but especially in Amsterdam.


As one of the greenest cities in the United States, it’s not surprising that Seattle has encouraged outdoor vaping. You can play tourist and walk around Chihuly Garden or Pike Place Market while vaping, and you can even vape within the international airport.


This may surprise you, but Tampa is hugely welcoming to vapers. In fact, this is where you’ll find a vaping expo every year, and you can vape in many bars, restaurants, malls, and parks, and even on the beach.

If you’re looking for an airport that’s friendly to vapers, you can’t get much better than Tampa International, which has long been one of the most well-known airports when it comes to vaper-friendliness.

If you’ve always wanted to visit Ireland, you won’t be held back by vaping laws here. In fact, the entire country is remarkably open-minded when it comes to vaping. If you’ve always wanted to enjoy a nice pint of Guinness while you vape, this is where you can make that dream come true.

Unsurprisingly, Denver is one of the most vape-friendly cities in the United States. In fact, private businesses have long been catering to vapers in the Mile High City.

Vaping first got started in Denver, which means you won’t need to worry about running out of anything you need- there are plenty of shops carrying the best eliquid, tanks, box mods, and vapes.

Not to mention, Denver is where many new vape products are launched- making it a great place to visit if you’re hoping to see what’s new in the industry.


In Europe, it can be difficult to know just where you’re allowed to vape. Luckily, Austria is remarkably vape-friendly, and you can find ecigarettes, vapes, and more in pharmacies and shops in Austria.

Vienna is a great city, with plenty to see and do. And you can walk around and enjoy the incredible architecture without needing to worry about getting in trouble for vaping.

Vaping smart

Believe it or not, but vaping is banned in a number of countries. Places like Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, and Dubai have strict laws regarding vaping, and you could even be fined…or worse.

Some countries will allow you to vape with nicotine-free eliquid, while others completely forbid everything to do with vaping- including selling and importing the equipment.

This is mostly due to a report by the World Health Organisation in 2014.

Before you travel, be sure to check whether or not you can legally vape on the ground. Look at restrictions around how much liquid you can bring, and whether you’re allowed to vape in some public places.