Europe is a travellers dream, and with so many amazing countries so close together, the hardest part can be choosing your destination. Each country has something new and different to offer, so here are some of the best destinations to visit in Europe this year:



Berlin is a favourite among both the young and old, and offers excellent scenery, history, culture, sightseeing and people. For those who like clubbing, you can’t do much better than Berlin which has some of the best nightlife in the world.
Don’t forget to visit the Berlin wall, and if you’re around near Christmas time there are some excellent Christmas markets to choose from. If you’re wanting to go out at night, Berghain Tresor is one of the most famous clubs, although if the line is too long you may want to head to Prizipal Kreuzberg for burlesque or Limoandier for cocktails.


In 2014, France saw 83.7 million people visiting the country, making it the second most visited country in the world. The country shares 8 different borders with other countries, making it easy for visitors from Europe to take a quick visit, and Paris itself has long been known as the world’s most romantic destination. Along with the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, stunning architecture and many cafes in Paris, you’ll find that it’s well worth getting out of the City of Light and seeing some of the many other gems that France has to offer.



London is currently giving Paris a run for its money when it comes to visitor numbers, and while there are many typical touristy things to do, there are also a number of activities and places to visit that allow you to see a different side to the city. For people who love to read, the bookshop barge is an excellent option and you’ll find it along the canal bank and selling a huge range of books- jump on board and be taken down the canal while you search for the perfect read.
Another great option is a visit to Highgate Cemetery. While this may seem a little morbid at first, both George Eliot and Karl Marx were laid to rest here, making it a good stop for those who like history.


Lisbon is one of the most popular places for people who work abroad, and offers excellent food, impressive art galleries, bustling markets and amazing architecture. Visit Alfama, which is the city’s oldest district and a good way to see some of the history of Lisbon, stop by the Lisbon Cathedral to take some photos, and have a nice dinner at one of the many great restaurants before heading down to Pink Street for a night of partying with both tourists and locals.

La Plagne

If you visit in winter, there are many different catered chalets in France which are sure to impress and have you relaxing. La Plagne is known to be one of the best ski resorts in the world, so for those who like to ski or snowboard, a visit here is a must. You’ll find 10 different ski villages scattered across the mountain, all of them great for families and people who are new to skiing, along with those at an intermediate level.