Bangkok is the capital of Thailand, it’s largest city and the location for various adventurous and exciting movies, such as the Hangover! The stories you hear and the videos you see portray a picture of a crazy city, filled with hustle and bustle, a myriad of things to do and experience and, truth be told – it’s city that will mesmerise you, draw you into a whirlpool of enticing buzz and temptation that has no beginning and no end. Bangkok – a name that is as exotic as it is melancholic. This is the place that you will visit once to come back to. From the wide variety of activities that you can participate in and places to visit while in this magical city, here are our top 5!


Golden Temple
There are various Temples in Bangkok that you can visit, but the Golden Temple remains, undoubtedly to be the best! Domes covered with gold, statues of Buddha sparkling with precious stones and the feeling of a majestic reverie that you get upon entering cannot be compared to anything else! There is also a small food market right outside where you can try out street food such as mangosteen and dragon fruit, including various curries and spring rolls.

Tiger Temple
If you are looking for the thrill of it, visiting the Tiger Temple outside of Bangkok is for you! This is the place where you can pet the tigers of various sizes, feed them, marvel at their beauty and take pictures with such powerful animals that will purr under your touch like a cat.

River cruise
To experience the different size of Bangkok, you can take the river cruise – there are some tours where you will be taken on a long tail boat around the shanty towns built on top of the various canals and rivers of the city. Be prepared to feel shocked and stunned by the contrast that you will see – shabby wooden houses, falling apart and sinking into the river, situated next to luxurious townhouses that resemble palaces. This is the true nature of Bangkok – the rich and the poor, the bright and the dark, existing side by side in under the radiant sunlight.


Sky train
One of the coolest things about Bangkok is that you can get anywhere by the Skytrain – this is literally their subway, only on the surface! The skytrains glide along the city line and are extremely comfortable and convenient to use. There are numerous of stations where you can hop on the train and they are rather easy to navigate. Once you try the skytrain, you surely will abandon the idea of taxis.

One of the must-see places in Bangkok is its notorious Chinatown! Situated in the South, this is the place where you can find the most exquisite and rare herbs and products, shark fin soup and fruits. Don’t be alarmed when you see tables and chairs set up outside right on the street, next to the cars – this is the charm of this area. Feel free to walk along any time of the day and sit in one of the street-food restaurants to enjoy its unique character.

Bangkok has something alluring charisma about it that draws thousands of people here. While there is a wide variety of things to do and see, try to explore the city as it is, away from the tourist attractions, to feel the city’s heart and soul.