Limos are a symbol of wealth and prestige, and when people first started using them for proms, driving important guests to and from weddings and other celebrations, whether they are birthdays, anniversaries or other special occasions. Party buses, when they first came along, were not automatically awarded that same elegant status, being seen as more rough and ready. But this is unfair to modern party buses which are designed with the same care and attention to detail as limos, with coach-builders offering a wealth of luxurious and opulent features that make party buses a splendid option for party-goers of all ages and classes. Let us take a look at some of the advantages:

Everyone Together

Party buses can hold an impressive fifty people at maximum capacity, which can be the entire group. This makes the logistics so much easier to manage, knowing that everyone is in one place, and being able to track the bus’s movements, instead of trying to keep track of a fleet of limos or taxis, all travelling different routes in varying amounts of traffic.

Space for Everyone

Limos tend to be fairly cramped, offering seated room only, with limited access to any facilities, and fewer cup holders than seats, quite often. There is also the fact that often the driver can listen in to the conversation – usually so they can keep tabs on the guests, making sure that they are all comfortable and adapting to any changes in destination quickly – which can make conversation stilted and awkward. In a party bus, there is enough space and distance for party-goers to chat freely without any of that awkwardness.

Party in Place

A party bus can be a venue in its own right, offering a bar, dance floor, access to the latest hit music and other facilities – even dance poles and VIP spaces, as though they were miniature nightclubs with a very exclusive clientele! The lighting in a party bus is often designed to create the illusion of even more space, so you and your guests can immerse yourself in the drive, having a great time before you even reach your final destination!

Parking Issues

Obviously, party buses are fairly large, so you will have make sure you have arranged a parking place where the bus can wait to return your guests to their starting point. Limos, being smaller can fit more easily into regular parking spaces (although they do often take up at least two spots!)!

A professional party bus driver will require special certification and a completely clean bus driver’s licence for which he or she will have learned to drive with especial care for their cargo of happy and oblivious partygoers. Knowing that your NJ party bus rental driver is highly trained and carrying up-to-date certification can help you to have peace of mind knowing that your guests will be much safer than if they were trying to drive themselves over unfamiliar roads. Is a party bus better than a limo? We think so!