Travel can be as diverse as each of us. Chances are you tend to take the same kind of trip every time some vacation time rolls around. Why not break outside of the routine and try a completely different type of trip? This is a great way to get yourself out of your comfort zone, try things you never would normally try and meet people you might never have met otherwise. If you’re interested in a new type of holiday, read on to see the 5 types of holidays you MUST try!

1. A Single Holiday
I’m not talking about one of those single holidays where every spends every night super drunk – unless that’s what you are wanting. But there are a number of great single holidays both overseas and within the UK that allow you to see new places, meet new people and rest assured everyone else on the trip is also a solo traveller. Sound good? Then book a holiday for singles today!

2. An Adventure Holiday
This will depend on how adventurous you are and how far from home you want to go. You can turn any holiday into something more adventurous by doing something you might not normally do; such as skydiving, bungy jumping, white water rafting, paragliding, the list goes on. Or you can choose to go on an adventure packed holiday perhaps in the form of a tour. An adventure holiday is a great way to really challenge yourself, while ensuring your holiday is jam-packed with cool activities that make for great stories.

3. A Romantic Holiday
While a romantic holiday is always better with a partner, you can always wine and dine yourself overseas too! I have been known to indulge in a few too many massages, high end dinners and spa visits even when travelling alone. However, this may be one of those trips that you save for your honeymoon or when you want to romance a special someone.

4. A Friend Trip
Traveling with a friend can be a great way to test your friendship, all the while creating a bunch of very special memories. Traveling with someone is probably the fastest way you’re going to see their true personality, especially if you are in a region of the world with terrible Internet speeds!

5. A Road Trip
I love road trips because you’re completely in control! No waiting for trains or buses or rushing to meet planes. You leave when you want, stop when you want, go with who you want and choose what music plans along the way. Road trips can be quite affordable especially when you split the gas costs with friends. Just don’t forget the key ingredient to an amazing road trip: snacks!