Summer is in full swing: the days are warmer, they stretch out longer and most of us are lucky enough to have a few days or weeks off to enjoy summer. No matter whether you’re going overseas on holiday this year, having a staycation or a more local holiday, there are a few essential ingredients that you need to keep in mind for a summer holiday. Here’s my list of 5 essential ingredients for a summer holiday:

1. A Good Book
For me, a good book while lying on a beach or near a pool signifies that it’s summer and I’m enjoying it to the fullest. I love catching some sun rays, especially because I tend to feel a little gloomy during the colder months. I love reading, whether it’s on my Kindle or on paper and read that
reading is ranked as Brits’ third favourite holiday pastime according to new research by Opodo. So make sure you get a few books to enjoy during the warm summer months.

2. Fresh Fruit
My eating tends to be worse during the colder months when I crave more carbohydrates and starches. Once the summer months come, I begin to crave healthy fruits such as strawberries, blueberries and mangoes. The best thing is that during the summer, fruits are generally their cheapest, which means that it’s a great time to snack on healthy fruit.

3. Beach or Pool Days
When it’s hot, nothing is quite as refreshing as jumping into a cool pool or catching some waves. My preference is the beach, but unfortunately where I live now is quite far, so I prefer to go to an outdoor pool during the warm weather. Take a big beach towel and relax by the pool with your book.

4. Sunscreen
I’ve started making sunscreen a part of my daily beauty routine, because as I get older I notice fine lines popping up more often than I would prefer. I am extra vigilant with sunscreen during the summer when the sun is the strongest. I think it’s best to apply sunscreen on every part of your body if you’ll be outside in the morning, but don’t forget to reapply! Check how long your specific brand of sunscreen is due to last and reapply as necessary. Forgetting to reapply is almost as bad as never applying in the first place.

5. Sunglasses
While the sun can damage your skin and the results are obvious – in the form of bright red sunburn, the sun can also damage your eyes and it’s much harder to notice when it’s happening. As a general rule, I try to have sunglasses with me at all times if I’m going to be outside for a considerable amount of time. I notice that my eyes strain a lot less after being in the sun if I’ve worn sunglasses and I’m sure the effects over a lifetime will be considerable. Your eyes are important, so invest in a cute pair of sunglasses to keep your eyes healthy!

With these 5 ingredients you’ll be ready to make some great memories this summer.