Tasmania offers visitors a little bit of everything – rich history, spectacular natural beauty, thriving city centres and delicious food and wine. There are tons of great places to visit in this southern state, but it’s Tasmania’s hidden gems that will make your holiday one to remember. Below are some less touristy suggestions to help you begin planning your itinerary.


Rocky Cape National Park

Located west of Launceston, you can explore sea caves, walk amongst wild flowers and marvel at unusual rock formations in the Rocky Cape National Park. The best way to explore this Tasmanian gem is at your own pace and by finding accommodation close by. Rather than staying in a hotel, hiring a campervan from a company such as Cruisin’ Tasmania will give you the freedom to stay as long as like. Camping grounds can be found near the town of Rocky Cape or at the Peggs Beach Conservation Area.

King Island

Located between the North West coast of Tasmania and Victoria, King Island has something for everyone. Cheese lovers will be in heaven—the island is a big producer of dairy because of its green pastures. There’s also an abundance of fresh seafood, such as southern rock lobster. In addition to delicious food, King Island has ideal surfing conditions, features historical shipwreck sites and lighthouses, and is a great spot to see fairy penguins at dusk.


Crescent Bay

Crescent Bay is the perfect example of a Tasmanian hidden gem, tucked away on the Tasman Peninsula a few kilometres south of Port Arthur. Hiking tracks around Crescent Bay and Mt Brown will lead you to Crescent Beach, which is surrounded by huge sand dunes and clear water. It’s a bit of a hike, but well worth the effort to see the panoramic views of this beach and coastline.

Bay of Fires

Although it’s not quite so hidden, this magical bay shouldn’t be sidelined. The Bay of Fires is a unique environment in the north of the state with a coastline stretching more than 50 kilometres. Rocks in various shades of orange line the shore, which presents a marvellous contrast against the white sand and crystal-clear ocean. You can go on an eco-tour, take a boat ride to visit hidden bays, or simply watch and enjoy the beautiful marine life, from dolphins and whales to seals and birds.

As you can see, if you’ve never been to Tasmania, you’ve been missing out! Use the above locations as inspiration and get researching to start planning your adventure to this beautiful state.

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