One of the most popular destinations around the world that many will be visiting this year is Greece and, in particular, the Greek islands. There are many different islands for you to visit and the toughest decision that you will probably make is deciding which one you want to visit first. Here, we are taking you through which island we think are the most beautiful and that you will absolutely love to visit.



Of course, when you are compiling a list of the most beautiful Greek islands, Santorini has to be the one to top the list. This iconic town is the perfect blend of romance, scenic buildings and amazing nightlife. In Santorini, you will find stunning black beaches due to the island’s volcanic history and when viewed against the eye-catching blue sea and mesmorising white buildings. Fira is the beautiful village that is perched on the west side of the island and it is here that you can see the iconic white buildings and take in the world renowned sunsets here. We would also recommend that you check out the Red Beach whilst you are here which gets its name from the unique colour of the sand from the lava. If you are looking to make the most of your holiday, we would recommend that you stay in luxury villas Santorini. These villas will really make your holiday and will provide you with the freedom to enjoy your own private pool, daily breakfasts and you can even take advantage of the concierge service. You can choose from a wide range of gorgeous villas at who offer the very best villas that you will find anywhere in Santorini.


While Santorini is bustling with tourists every summer, another gorgeous island you can visit that is a little more relaxed is Paxi. This island is not as well-known and is smaller than its sister islands, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful and you will find a relaxing oasis for couples and families. If you are visiting Paxos, then you will want to head to the port of Gaios which features some of the most beautiful beaches you will have ever seen as well as plenty of restaurants serving delicious food. Many tourists visit the island as a day trip from Corfu and it is at night that you will see this island come to life with all the tourists coming out to enjoy the magical atmosphere. Visit one of their taverns which are full of character to enjoy one or two of the popular Ouzo drinks which is a favourite in Greece. When visiting Paxi, we would recommend that you hop around the island to take in its full beauty and some of the gorgeous beaches that you won’t want to miss out on include Gianna, Soulanena and Kloni Gouli. Paxi is an island that is a little more difficult to get to as there is no airport, you will need to get there by boat from one of the neighbouring islands or mainland Greece.


Third on our list of the most beautiful Greek islands has to be Mykonos. Not only is this island easy on the eye, it is also the perfect island for those who love to party as the nightlife here is world famous. Mykonos is the perfect blend of a laid-back relaxing holiday and amazing nightlife, and so it is no surprise that it has quickly become one of Greece’s most popular destinations. While many tourists visit this island, it has not yet been affected by the asses and so you can still enjoy an authentic Greek experience here and take in the beauty that the island has to offer. This include viewing the picturesque houses and streets filled with Cycladic architecture. There are many amazing beaches to visit on this island and we would recommend that you head to Kalafati, Panormos and Paradise Beach.


Another beautiful Greek island that you won’t want to miss is Tilos. While other islands such as Mykonos are perfect for those who like to party, this island should be top choice for anyone looking for a slightly more adventurous holiday. This island offers you the chance to come face to face with a range of interesting wildlife such as exotic birds. What’s great about visiting this island in particular is that you can avoid much of the tourist mass and the beaches will be free for you to enjoy. The beaches on this island can be a little trickier to access as they are rocky, but once you are there you will adore the tranquillity of them. Beaches that you will want to try here include San Antonio and Eristos.