Going on a road trip is one of the most amazing ways to see the world. Whether you want to head through the stunning French countryside, hit up the garden route in Australia or through the rugged Scottish Highlands. Road tripping gives you the opportunity to see some of the most unspoilt scenery and take it all in at your own pace. Here are some transport tips for making your road trip disability friendly so it’s one all your friends and family can enjoy the fun.


1) Hire an Adapted Car

One of the main things you need to ensure to make sure that everyone enjoys a road trip to the max is that everyone is comfortable. By hiring wheelchair accessible vehicles in advance you can make sure everyone is completely comfortable and is safely seated to enjoy the road trip to the full.

2) Insurance

Making sure you have the correct insurance for your vehicle is paramount Depending on the disability you have or family member has, you might have to declare this to get the right cover. It’s really important to get this right, especially if you’re planning on driving overseas, to make sure you’re insured to drive abroad. Always remember to carry your insurance details with you just in case you have an incident where you may need to produce it.


3) Plan Ahead

When travelling on a disabled road trip planning ahead is super important. This gives you time to organise where you’re going to stop in order to find accessible accommodation and places of interest to visit. If you’re heading on a popular road trip route this sort of information should be easy to find online, if you’re planning on going off the beaten track making a few phone calls to places of interest in advance of your trip to warn them of your arrival is recommended.

Research is the key to a successful road trip which all goes to plan. Many European hotels don’t have as many accessible rooms as the UK, so arranging things several months in advance when it comes to booking your accommodation can be really helpful. Although leaving things open can be more spontaneous being organised certainly helps when it comes to making sure everything goes to plan.
Travelling as a disabled person or with a disabled family member shouldn’t have to limit your options when it comes to going on a road trip. By following these 3 tips you’ll be ready to hit the open road in no time.