One of the hardest things about flying is organising getting to the airport. It can be quite stressful, especially if your flight is at an outrageous hour. The last flight I took required that I was at the airport at 3am for check in, eugh. In many cities the only option for a transfer to the airport at that hour is a taxi, which can be really expensive, asking someone to drop you off or driving yourself. I know what I’d prefer! There are lots of different airport parking options depending on where you live, such as airport parking with ParkBCP. Here are some of the top benefits of airport parking:


1) No Fuss
You can just prebook airport parking online, drive in and have your space secured for you. That way you can leave with more than enough time to make it to the airport on time. You don’t need to worry about what crazy hour your flight leaves at, whether there will be any taxis at that time or worry about the bus being late. It is by far the easiest way to get yourself to the airport.

2) Low Cost
If you prebook airport parking online you can save a lot of money. Turning up last minute can be expensive, so take a second to book in your parking and enjoy the reduced rate. You’ll also know for certain that your space will be reserved for you, which is not something you want to worry about just before your flight takes off.


3) You Can Be Independent
You’ll probably have a friend or family member who would be happy to take you to the airport at any hour, but is it really fair to ask someone to ruin their sleep just to get you there in time for your 3am departure? It’s not worth saving a few pennies to do that, unless they’re really insistent. You’ll also have to figure out who will pick you up on the way back, so all in all driving yourself is the best way to be independent with your airport parking.

4) Your Car Will Be Waiting For You
There’s nothing more annoying than arriving home after a long flight only to have to wait around for a taxi, bus or someone to pick you up. Likewise, it’s easy to feel pretty bad when your flight is delayed and your friend or family member is just sitting in the airport waiting for you for an hour or two. Having your car at the airport alleviates all this hassle and makes it easy for you to get home as quickly as possible.


5) Better on the Environment
Because you’ll drive yourself there and home, you’ll only do “one trip” worth of driving. If you have someone drop you off and pick you up, then they’ll be driving twice as much, releasing twice as much pollution into the environment and using twice the petrol. It might not seem like a big deal, but think how much difference it would make 100,000 people around the world drove themselves to the airport rather than hitching a ride. It would make a big difference!

It doesn’t matter where you live, check online and see if there’s airport parking in your area. From Glasgow airport parking through to airport parking in Australia, there’s heaps of options worldwide.