Flights can be the most expensive part to a holiday, cutting dramatically into your overall holiday budget. If you want to save on your next trip, then use these tips for finding cheap flights.

1. Book online
Online is definitely the best way to go for booking cheap flights. There are plenty of online deal sites like Flybe where you can find a great bargain.


2. Sign up to sales alerts
Pretty much all airlines and most travel companies now offer the ability to sign up for alerts when flights go on sale. If you have a favourite airline then sign up for their alerts, or if you have a particular destination in mind find out what airlines fly there so you can be notified of sales.

3. Be organized
Booking last minute can at time get you some great deals, however it can also be very expensive if you are travelling during peak time and school holidays. So if you are planning a trip around those times make sure you book well in advance so you don’t end up breaking the bank.

4. Be flexible
The most expensive times to travel are during peak periods like the weekend and public holidays. So if you want to save some dollars on your flights be a little bit flexibile with the time you need to travel. Often mid week or those super early morning and night flights can be some of the cheapest.


5. Get airmiles
If you haven’t got airmiles already then you should definitely sign up. These days airlines also reward airmiles not only for flights you take but also on accommodation, car rentals and where you spend. If you have a credit card then consider getting one with the airline of your choice. That way you can earn miles for your everyday spending. This will add up over time and you can get some free travel out of it.

6. Consider the discount airlines
Discount airlines are just that discounted, so expect to save money when travelling with them. Just don’t expect any creature comforts and luxury that you get with the full service airlines. However if you are taking a shorter trip, or don’t mind not having food and entertainment on board, then a discount airline can be a great travel option.