One of the hardest parts of going travelling is being so far away from family and friends. Even though you might be having the time of your life, enjoying gorgeous beaches, new experiences and making tons of new friends, inevitably you’re going to have those days where you miss home and the people there.

To help make these days a little easier, we’ve put together this guide to sending gifts home to family and friends whilst travelling to ensure that you don’t miss any of those key birthdays and occasions:

Plan Well Ahead

Depending on where in the world you are, sending gifts back home can take longer than you expected, so plan well ahead if you want a gift to arrive in time for a certain date. This is especially important at peak times like Christmas, when there can already be delays. Using a courier like InXpress, can be really helpful as you’ll be able to source the speediest couriers for the best price and if you require specialist services, such as heavy or bulky parcel delivery, they’ll be able to organise it for you too.


Spend Time on Packaging your Parcel

If you’re sending a gift home for a loved one, then making sure it arrives in one piece is essential. One of the best ways to ensure that it does is by packaging your parcel correctly. Ideally, it’s best to post it in a cardboard board which is a similar size or shape to the gift so there’s less room for it to move around and get damaged whilst being moved around. If your gift is fragile, clearly label your box with this to ensure that those moving your parcel around are aware to handle it with care. Wrapping your gift in old newspaper or clothes to prevent it from getting damaged is also essential and using strong parcel tape to seal it.

Check Customs Regulations

Be sure to check over customs regulations too before posting anything. Some countries have strict regulations banning certain items which mean your parcel might not make it or could be held back if it doesn’t have the right paperwork to accompany it, so be sure to have a Google before posting anything.

Not only, will you miss people at home whilst travelling, you might come across trinkets that you want to keep for yourself and don’t have room for in your rucksack. Posting these home as you travel is a great way to keep hold of all your favourite presents and a nice treat to come home to when you finally go back.