Are you moving house? Unless you tend towards minimalism, moving is likely to be one of the biggest household tasks you’ll do. And it can be stressful. But, if you stay organised and get a head start, you can make it through the process without all the fuss, and get on with enjoying your new home.

Here are some tips to help you move house:

Get an early start
Do whatever you can to avoid leaving things until the last minute. Unless you suddenly need to pack and leave quickly, you’ll usually have between 1-2 months to plan and ensure that your moving will run smoothly.
Create a list, and commit to ticking things off each week in the lead up to the move. You’ll also need to decide on a moving strategy. If you’re just moving to the next suburb, a few friends with trucks may be able to help. But if you have a large family or you’ll be moving a longer distance, a moving company may be the best choice. If you have large items to move, you may want to check out a company like Shiply to help get the job done.


Moving is an excellent opportunity to organise your belongings while getting rid of the stuff you’re no longer using. It’s a good idea to hold a garage or yard sale, donate clothes and toys to Goodwill, list electronics and furniture online, and move into your new house with less junk.

Delay any deliveries
It’s common to make a few new purchases when you’re moving, such as a dining room suite or new couch. While it can be tempting to try and get it all done in one day, the best thing you can do is schedule any deliveries for the day after moving day. That way you can focus on getting everything from Point A to Point B and avoid congestion between the movers and the delivery people.

Personalise boxes

If you’re using boxes to pack, use some bright colored tape and color code them with each room. That way, it’s easy to see that all the blue boxes should go in the bathroom and the green boxes should go in the kitchen. This will also help save time as you won’t be continually peeking into boxes to try and figure out what’s inside.

Pack smart
Use your luggage as boxes. Dresser drawers don’t need to be unpacked, and can simply be transported between homes. For delicate clothes, grab a portable wardrobe box. Remember to pack a box for each family member with the things you’ll need on moving night like pajamas, sheets, toothbrushes, and towels. That way, you’ll have everything within reach and won’t need to begin unpacking until the next day.

Are you moving house? What are your top tips for moving?