Custom exhaust pipes are among the best motorcycle parts and accessories you can add to your Harley to remake your machine in your image. The options are many. You can go super functional and just look for new pipes that muffle noise, route combustion gases away from you and enhance performance, all of which an upgraded exhaust system will do. Most riders, though, are probably looking for something to ramp up the roar of their machine and add some cool or aggressive styling to the bike. Fortunately, you can do all that, whether you just get a new muffler or go for a full system mod.


Choices, Choice, Choices

When considering Harley Davidson mods, you want a choice of brand, price, style and material. Aftermarket mufflers and exhaust systems give you just that. Make sure you know what your ultimate goal is—a louder bark, more speed and power, rad style—and choose accordingly. Here are several options to consider:

• A Helix Bell-Shaped Megaphone universal muffler gives your machine the look of mirror-polished chrome
• A Cobra universal heat shield protects your leg from burns
• Vance & Hines end caps upgrade the look of your ride
• Cobra billeted tips, available in straight or scalloped design, add style

For a simpler modification, go with slip-ons which are easier on the budget and install quickly. A full-system mod gets complicated, but you get greater performance enhancement.

More Great Selections

Upgrading your exhaust system will depend on the type of Harley you own and what your ultimate goal is for your machine: performance animal or smooth-gliding touring ride. The same is true when looking for motorcycle tires for sale. Your stock Harley was awesome when you drove it home, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make it better.

Get the best motorcycle parts and accessories to fit your personality. Ride in style and comfort wherever you go.