When traveling through Europe, keeping in touch with loved ones can be a priority. Not to mention, in the peak season it’s definitely best to book ahead, to make sure that you’ll definitely have a place to sleep each night.

The best way to stay organised while traveling is to ensure that you can use your smartphone to do everything from contacting friends on Facebook, to researching places to stay.

There are a few different ways that you can stay connected. One option is to order a UK only sim card, and another is to search for the best pay as you go deals, and ensure that it’s all completely organised before you even arrive in the UK. This will save you both money and time, and from the moment you arrive you’ll have data and won’t need to rely on finding free wifi spots.


While traveling by train through Europe is usually relatively fun and easy, you’ll need to make sure your itinerary matches up with the dates and times that each train is traveling to the destinations you’ve picked.

There are basically two types of rail tickets in Europe: those that come with are reservation, and “open tickets” that do not include a reservation.
Tickets that have been reserved are usually the ones issued for high speed trains like the Eurostar, TGV etc. These tickets have a seat number that you will have already been assigned, and you must travel on that specific train.

Open tickets are just for a specific route, and they can be used to board any train that runs on that route, without a reservation. Obviously this is the more flexible option, but it’s still important to be able to plan in advance, for accommodation and any tours that you would like to do at each destinations, which is why its crucial to have access to a phone while traveling.

Many people have problems with iPhones that are locked, and will only work in their home country, requiring them to spend hundreds of dollars on roaming fees abroad. That’s why it can be a good idea to purchase a cheap pay as you go phone, which you can use while traveling. Because they’re so cheap, if you happen to lose it or get it stolen it won’t be as bad as if you were taking an iPhone or more expensive phone with you.


There are some excellent travel apps that will make traveling in Europe easier. Here are some of the best:


This app allows you to pre-book your accommodation on the go, and you’ll even be able to do it from the train while you’re on the way to your destination.


If you think you’d like to fly between destinations, the Skyscanner app is excellent for comparing prices and airlines.

Tripit or Worldmate

Tripit and Worldmate are both excellent for organising your travel plans. Simply forward your itineraries to the email address, and the app will keep them all safe and in order for you.