Traveling Australia can be pricey, especially when you factor in accommodation, transport and activities. But what if you could dramatically reduce your accommodation and transport costs just by doing one simple thing? It’s possible with DriveNow campervan relocation. If you’ve not heard of it before, campervan relocation, or car relocation, requires you to relocate a campervan or car from one place to another. The benefit of this for you is heavily reduced rental rates (sometimes even free) and often petrol vouchers. You get all the bonuses of a campervan or car rental, without the hefty price tag. Here are the 4 benefits to campervan relocation in more detail:


1) Reduced Cost

For those budget conscious travellers out there, this will be one of the main reasons you look to relocating a campervan. I have seen some routes advertised as free, which is amazing. Rental fees for campervans are easily in the hundreds of dollars per week, so getting minimising or reducing this expense can transform your budget.

2) Accommodation and Transport in One

Most things in Australia tend to be expensive, including accommodation. Sleeping in a campervan is a fun way to see the country, but also allows you to cut costs on lodging. There are numerous free natural parks you can stay in, as well as a number of camping grounds that offer affordable rates – much cheaper than a hotel.


3) There is Still Room for Spontaneous Trips

I have checked out the DriveNow website a few days before the departure dates and there are often a few trips that are still open last minute, meaning if you feel like a random campervan adventure there’s still a pretty good chance for you to find one, even last minute. Basically the rental companies will have to incur the cost of getting the campervan from its location to where it is needed next for their next customer, unless you come in and do it for them – while enjoying your own holiday.

4) Sometimes You’ll Get Bonus

Depending on the trip you’ll have to take, often companies like DriveNow provided petrol bonuses to further entice people to help them out. It’s really win-win for both of you are you get to enjoy a heavily discounted rate and they get their campervan where it needs to be with very little hassle. You might find a campervan that is required to go a slightly different route than you had planned, but perhaps the petrol vouchers entice you to give it a go!

Relocating a campervan is a great money saving tip a lot of people don’t know about. So the next time you’re looking to rent a campervan in Australia, why not see if you can do a relocation and save some serious cash while seeing this beautiful country.