The airport – where fun goes to die. There, you’ll be frisked, felt up, scrutinised and inevitably be forced to chuck out some moisturiser you forgot to remove from your hand luggage. If you’re not terrified that someone thinks you’re a terrorist, then you’ve probably never met the icy stare of a security official.

Indeed, it’s not just security officials who look miserable in airports. According to national newspaper the Daily Mail, a vast majority of people believe these flight hubs are more stress-inducing than moving house.

Do you dream of entering an airport without thinking a vein in your head is going to pop? Then take a look at our guide – we’ve got the ideal ways to help you chillax.


Sort your parking

Searching for a parking spot near an airport is enough to drive even the calmest mind insane. You’ll circle the same spots like a jackal, revving your engine at vehicles with optimum spaces and damning your lack of preparation.

Airports are well aware of this issue – which is why many of them offer parking alternatives for those willing to fork out the cash.

Airport parking Edinburgh, for instance, gives customers the option to drop their car off with professional valets, who’ll keep it in a safe location until their return. It’s a service available in many airports, mainly provided by private companies, so do some research before you’re left pulling out your hair.

Set up camp early

There’s nothing worse than arriving in an airport departure lounge and finding no spare seats. Yet a little bit of organisation can go a long way.

Arrive at the airport early and enter the departure lounge before other passengers. That way, you’ll be able to set up camp without discomfort.

While you’re in the departure lounge, bring plenty of activities to keep you occupied. Books, DVDs, a laptop – they could all calm your nerves if your flight is delayed.


An overnight stay

Most major airports contain hotels for anyone on a stopover. But if you want to wake up early and relax into your wait for a flight, why not book a room close by. That way, other considerations like parking will be sorted long before your flight is due.

Add to your comfort by moving from your hotel to a VIP departure lounge. For an extra fee, many airports contain luxury departure lounges filled with complementary snacks, free Wi-Fi, newspapers and even games for the kids.

With these luxuries in place, you’ll feel as though you’ve booked a holiday early.