You might think that every resort in one particular country or region is going to be the same, right? Well not necessarily!

If you particularly enjoy visiting a certain country, why not consider heading to a different resort, to see if you get a different angle on the country you’re so smitten with?


I did this recently when I visited Alanya in Turkey, rather than Marmaris, which I always used to visit before. I found this really did put a different spin on Turkey, a place I’ve always really enjoyed. I decided to shake up my holiday plans in many other different ways too, and it really paid dividends.

One of the other things I tried was driving myself and booking airport parking, rather than using coaches and trains. This was quite the revelation for me, as I found the whole experience really calm and collected, rather than my usual stressed out dash! I saved money too when booking through, when compared to the rather expensive cost of public transport nowadays. I’m a total convert on this now, and will definitely be using the service again. The good news is that you can book this service at virtually any UK airport, so I’d certainly urge you to check out what’s available at your departure airport.


Shaking up my travels plans in these various ways really gave me a passion for travel again, when I was starting to get a little disillusioned. The only reason I headed back to the same place time and time again was because I unfortunately have to go on holiday alone, due to all my friends now being happily coupled up. I came to the conclusion long ago that I would rather go on holiday alone to somewhere I felt comfortable, rather than no holiday at all. Now, that was all very well and good for a few years, but I got bored with it, and needed a change. Having the courage to explore a different resort, within a country that I was familiar with, gave me the confidence to try even more other places.

If you always go to Benidorm and you love Spain, why not try Murcia instead? If you love Sharm el Sheik in Egypt, why not try Hurghada instead? You get the general jist – many resorts are very different to their neighbours and offer an alternative view on the same country.

Don’t get stuck in a holiday resort, explore a little, even if it is only a different resort.