Planning a cycling trip? Cycling is one of the best ways to see a destination- it’s quick enough to cover plenty of ground, but slow enough to really see each place and interact with the locals. Here are 5 of the best destinations for cycling:

1. La Ruta de los Conquistadores
Located in Costa Rica, this 270 km ride will take you from the Caribbean to Pacific coasts (or in the other direction). You’ll see mud paths, coffee plantations, rainforest, and an extinct volcano on your way, and you can complete the ride in three days ever November if you join the annual mountain bike race. If you’re not in a rush, go whenever you like and take as long as you like as you trace the route of Juan de Cavallon, the 16th-century Spanish conqueror which gave the ride its name.


2. The Friendship Highway
You may have heard of the Friendship Highway in China, which covers 800 km between the Nepalese border and the Tibetan city of Lhasa. If you enjoy high-altitude vistas, and you like a challenge, this is the best cycling destination for you. Keep in mind that this cycling trip definitely isn’t for everyone, with testing conditions requiring careful planning.

3. Copenhagen
The Danish capital continues to become even more bicycle friendly. Since 2015, Copenhagen has completed the Havnerigen/Harbour Ring- a bicycle route that allows visitors and citizens to cycle along the entire inner harbor. It has also launched digital traffic congestion signs, along with a new system for traffic lights which prioritises cyclists.

It’s easy to see why 62% of residents commute via bike each day. If you’re planning a trip to Copenhagen, be sure to check out some custom beach cruisers before you go.

4. Chicago
Many people had no idea just how great Chicago was for cycling until it was named as the Best Bike City in America by Bicycling Magazine in 2016. In 2015 it bult 100 miles of bike lanes, and i’t snow planning the loop link which will allow cyclists to safely travel within the busy central business district in the middle of the city. Of course, riding along Lake Michigan is another great pastime, so don’t forget to find a ladies beach cruiser before you go.

5. Amsterdam
Think of cycling, abroad, and it’s likely that you think of Amsterdam. Amsterdam has a number of bicycle urbanism projects in the pipeline, and of course it has long been a city where cycling was embraced by both old and young.

Amsterdam is very flat, which makes it a great city if you’re a beginner when it comes to cycling overseas. And the Dutch are always willing to educate foreigners about the road rules just in case you get stuck.