When we’re buying a new floor, there’s lots of bits that influence your decision. One of the most important is durability – we need to know how well our flooring is going to hold up against the wear and tear of everyday life. This is especially important if you come from a busy household that sees plenty of foot traffic. By looking at the pros and cons of each flooring type, it will hopefully make your decision a little easier.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

Forget the stereotype of the old fashioned ugly lino, luxury vinyl tiles are a whole different ball park. They’re a much softer and attractive alternative, not to mention much more durable! With it being affordable, practical, stylish and durable, there’s nothing to not like!

Perhaps the biggest advantage of LVT is that it is scratch, stain and waterproof, ideal if your home experiences a lot of this! Because of this, LVT is probably the most durable flooring choice and will last many years looking good as new. As well as standing up to anything that might damage, LVT is very easy to clean and is also able to work with under-floor heating.

The only issue we’d say with LVT from a durability point of view is that once a tile is damaged, there’s no real way to repair it and it’s likely you’ll have to change the whole floor.

Wood Flooring

Wood is an incredibly popular flooring choice with impressive durability. It’s expected to last for a lifetime and is likely to outlive even the person who laid it! As well as this, it offers authentic beauty that’s often replicated in other flooring materials.

Wood flooring is probably the most durable choice of flooring available and you wont need to replace it. The only concern is that it can scratch and stain, as well as being no good when it comes into contact with water. However if the worst does happen, don’t fear! Wood flooring can be sanded down a number of times depending on thickness to eradicate any damage. However this should not normally need to be done for the first 15-20 years, so this along with its already long life span, you can only imagine how long your gorgeous wood floors can last for! Durability ten out of ten!


Although wood flooring offers us style and incredible durability, not all of us can afford its luxury. This is why more affordable alternatives such as laminate have been produced. Although it’s man made, it imitates natural products so convincingly that it’s almost impossible to tell it apart from the real thing. If you do decide to go to laminate, then don’t think that you’re having to give up real wood longevity. Although not as durable as real wood, laminate will last for many years and withstand lots of domestic use. One of laminate’s most useful features is that it’s resistant to scratches, stains and water and is able to cope with the changing temperatures of under-floor heating. Because of it’s water resistant surface, it’s very easy to keep clean and maintain.