Whether you’re moving abroad for good, going travelling for a long period of time or working away for several months of the year, it’s important to stay in touch with people back home. There are so many different ways to keep in touch now that it’s easier than ever to keep in contact with friends and family wherever you may be in the world, here are a few:

Ideal for keeping in touch with just about anyone from your best friend to your grandma, Skype is one of the easiest applications to use and it’s free. Both video calling, group Skype and messaging facilities are available so you can communicate whichever way you desire, all you need is to download the programme for free to your laptop, phone or tablet and you’re good to go. One of the best things about Skype is that is doesn’t matter where in the world you are, you can use it as long as you have Wi-Fi.


If you’re an apple user connecting with other apple users then it’s a no brainer to use Facetime. It provides a good connection, is already available on your iPhone, iPad or iMac device and you’ll already have the option to Facetime anyone who you already have the number of in your phonebook.

Social Media
There are so many advantages to using social media whilst you’re away, other than using it to brag about all the great adventures you’ve been up to. Uploading pictures and videos keeps everyone at home informed on what you’re doing and whereabouts in the world you are, without you both having to be available at the same time to catch up. It’s particularly good for those who’re on different time zones and it means friends and family can have a quick look at your profile to catch up with your movements.

Don’t forget to send cards and presents for Birthdays and at Christmas time, you’ll find a range of affordable and convenient delivery options at Parcel2Go which means you’ll stay in good favour with your besties and family members as you won’t miss any big occasions whilst you’re away.

With all these different ways to keep in touch with people at home, you’ll not miss out on any of the events going on at home whilst still being able to enjoy being away to the full.