Moving abroad can be a very stressful if you don’t have a set plan in place. One of the best ways to restore balance, keep organised and make sure everything runs smoothly is to create a homely new space in a great new city.

We have listed the best tips below, on moving your life abroad and the best ways to settle in your humble abode:

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1. Mementos can help you decorate

While you’ll be able to bring some of your possessions to help you settle in, it’s extremely unlikely you’ll be transferring larger and heavier items on your international move. “Unless an item has strong sentimental ties or justifiable emotional value, it may be wise to source your larger furniture items overseas,” advise AnyVan on packing for moving abroad.

Arrange an organised removal process for your most cherished personal items that will help you feel at home. Whether it’s a large work of art, or a rug, using mementos from your former home to start a new aesthetic can be a liberating opportunity to build an environment that will compliment your mood.

2. Establish a routine

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A daily routine is very important as it installs structure and familiarity in your life. One way you can spark a new routine, but also feel comfortable doing so, is by doing things you used to do in your previous city.

If you used to visit a particular coffee shop every morning, try and locate your new favourite place. Establishing a new routine can help keep calm, in the chaos of moving overseas

3. Explore your new neighbourhood

When everything has been moved in and the dust has settled. It’s time to explore your new surroundings. Go for a walk around the neighborhood, it will not only be great exercise but you’ll be able to meet local people in your area. You could research and find out where your local gym or book club is located or sign up to a volunteer group for causes you believe in to meet like minded people.

Apps like Citysocializer in NYC, or the global events app, Nearify list over 20 million events worldwide, including live music, comedy, indie shows, festivals. After a few days packing and moving, a fun, social night out would be a good stress reliever.