I have to admit, I can be very sentimental sometimes. I like to hold on to things that remind me of certain people, whom I consider to be very special parts of my life. I have trouble getting rid of wrapping papers, chocolate boxes, or even parking tickets! Most of these things belong to the trash, I know. It doesn’t make sense to keep them when I know for a fact, that all they add up to is clutter. There’s too much of it laying in my home.

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Luckily, I don’t feel the same way about mold. That, I am happy to get rid of. If you want to say goodbye to mold for good, but don’t like the idea of calling a mold remediation company (or you simply don’t have the budget for it), there are some natural ways to do it. Read on to find more information about some DIY home remedies for mold removal.

Get the Vinegar Out

This is one of the best home remedies to remove mold, as it cleans up the current spores and kills off any others that are lingering in your walls or furniture. Vinegar is also effective on fabrics and carpets by getting deep into the fibers. If you’re going to use distilled or white vinegar, a strong smell can be associated with it, but you can diffuse it by adding some lemon juice or tea tree oil. Another option is apple cider vinegar. Also, keep in mind to be very careful when using vinegar on fabric, because it bleaches it and might cause damage to the material.

Pull Out the Tea Tree Oil 

It is full of antifungal properties, and an excellent option for mold removal. It can work on any material (solid or fabric), the essential oil will penetrate into fibers and particles. It removes spores and kills off any within the area, both visible and invisible to your naked eyes. It also prevents new fungal patches from coming up, creating new problems. Try applying a little tea tree oil to your skirting boards, along your window sills, and around your baths and sinks. 

Use Ethanol

Safety first, don’t use ethanol anywhere with fire like your gas hobs! You can spray diluted ethanol on mold-prone areas, like bathrooms and bedrooms. Ethanol smothers the fungus and any bacteria and prevents them from coming back. If you’re not able to use ethanol, try creating your own alcohol spray. Pour some vodka into a spray bottle and use it on affected areas.

Use Citrus Extract

Any type of citrus extract will help, but grapefruit extract is most effective when removing mold from your home. Citrus fruits are full of acid that breaks down the bacteria and fungi and are very safe to use. Not only do they help with mold removal, but your home is also left with a clean, fresh scent, too! Dilute the extract in some water and apply to a spray bottle.

Buy a Dehumidifier

When everything else fails, consider purchasing a dehumidifier. The reason why mold appears in your home is due to its moisture. Too much moisture creates a breeding ground for mold spores. This is more common in your bathroom when the moisture from the hot shower can’t escape. Try to use an extractor fan while showering and turn on the dehumidifier afterward to remove mold. 

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These remedies will help you but if it’s just too much for a DIY solution, then you can always contact mold testing Toms River. These experts have chemical solutions that will surely solve your mold problem in a jiff.