Whether you’ve travelled to Tuscany, lounged by the Italian Lakes or spent time in Sardinia, a holiday in Italy has plenty to offer foreign visitors. The regions vary widely in terms of culture and scenery, with beautiful historic towns, classical landscapes and charming coastlines, all vying for your attention. Whichever region you enjoyed the most, it’s likely that you have returned home inspired by stunning Italianate architecture and the sumptuously designed interiors within.


Just like the average Italian family home, most hotels and holiday villas are lavishly furnished and adorned with many unusual artistic flourishes. From ornate trims to opulent furniture and crystal framed mirrors, if you’d like to re-create the look, bringing a taste of the Mediterranean into your home is easier than you might think. The renaissance look which dominates so much of what we now think of as Italian style, dates back to the 15th century, but by using some of its principles, you can effectively transform even the most contemporary home. Converting an extra space of your home, like the garage or a bonus room, may be an option. If not, Prefab Metal Buildings have a lot of flexibility in design. Creating a large, open space with little to no interior columns that is customized to the look you are going for can be accomplished with ease.

In their paint, Italians prefer earthy and neutral shades like vanilla, sienna and golden yellow for larger spaces. However, they often use a purple, red or deep blue accent for a pop of color. If you’d like to add texture and depth go for an ornate fresco, it’s a complex technique to master but there are many professionals who can do the work for you. Marble is the go-to material for flooring in Italy, but there are many more economical alternatives that can be found at DIY stores. You can celebrate the theme further with a vintage rug in traditional shades like pistachio, purple, black and grey.


Italian dining room furniture is often grandiose in scale and produced in wood with metal elements. A big, heavy table and chairs works well in larger rooms and is the perfect setting for dinner with your extended family. When space is more limited, take a tip from the ancient Romans and install a glamorous chaise longue. Embellished with velvet upholstery and generously padded beneath, these daybeds are hugely sophisticated and a practical seating solution for sitting or lounging in luxury.
The streets of Venice are lined with row upon row of arched windows, many are painted in zesty shades and furnished with colorful flowers, but all are encased by traditional solid shutters. Use them in your own home for effortlessly elegant window dressing, they not only add an air of Italian chic, but enhance your security and help block out unwanted street noise.

Italian interior design enjoys a reputation as being classical and bold, but how far you follow these concepts is up to your personal taste. You can use a couple of decorative items, like a chandelier or silk throws to suggest an Italian influence, or makeover an entire room into a inviting Tuscan retreat. A home tells the story of its occupant’s life and is a reflection of their personality, so be inspired by your travels and keep the sights, sounds and smells of Italy alive in your interior décor.