The world has high expectations for 2021 based on how terrible 2020 has turned out! As we transition into the new year, we can expect to still battle the pandemic and social distance. While social distancing and mask-wearing might not be as prevalent in 2021 and the upcoming years, certain design trends that were influenced by the pandemic sure will be. In 2020, the needs for homeowners shifted as people spent more and more time in their houses. Some of these features weren’t as popular pre-pandemic, but hold a lot of value these days. Minimalism will still dominate in 2021. Simple home decor is your go-to, for example; candles in different colours and sizes, and artificial plants to add some vibrant greenery around the home. Here are some examples that we can expect to see in the upcoming months! 

Home Gyms

In many parts of the country, gyms were one of the first things to shut down. Many people had to transition into at-home workouts, and exercise equipment companies saw a major increase in sales! In fact, free weights and other equipment were just as hot of a commodity as toilet paper. A space that is designed for working out is a popular home feature these days, and many people in the country will continue to want to work out from home even when gyms are safe and open. Adding one to your home can be a helpful selling point if you ever decide to list your home on the market.

Home Offices

One of the other ways the pandemic has shifted home design is the need for people to have a private space to work remotely. Similar to home gyms, home offices are also extremely popular among buyers. In fact, they are the most popular. A home office is invaluable to family members who were forced to work from home due to office closures. Many companies, including Twitter, are giving their employees the option to work from home permanently. This means that home offices will continue to be a highly sought-after feature and popular home design trend. 

Comfortable Outdoor Spaces

Cabin fever really hit hard for many Americans this year, especially those who didn’t have a space to enjoy the outdoors. That’s why things like patios, decks, and porches are making a major mark on the way homes are designed and remodified recently. Buyers are on the lookout for homes that have a lot of space to spend time outside in the sun—bonus points if the house has a pool or a fire pit. Many curb appeal improvements with high ROI focus on the house’s porch, which could serve as a comfortable area to relax and catch some sunshine. 

Solar Energy

If you began working from home in the pandemic, then you probably realize how expensive utilities can get after spending so much time around the house. A lot of people in the country had a similar realization and soon turned to more efficient and affordable means of energy, like solar panels. Not only are they easier on the wallet, they’re also much better for the environment! Expect to see many more homes this upcoming year equipped with solar panels!

We have a lot of expectations for 2021, and seeing homes with these features is high on the list! Stop back to the blog regularly for more travel and life-related articles!