There are many reasons for changing your current antivirus app. Maybe the app is old and outdated, or maybe you’ve heard about AVG, a full force Android security app that has recently hit Google Play. Whether your current app is falling short, or you are simply ready to try something new, here is how to change to AVG antivirus and how to keep your phone protected:

Make Sure You Are Secure: Changing your anti-virus can leave your phone vulnerable to hackers and thieves. Make sure to do a final sweep with your old system in case of any last-minute threats before you disable your old system. You should also ensure that you are on a private and secured network when you perform the swap.


Make the Swap: Uninstalling your old antivirus is usually as simple as deleting the app, but if you hit a problem, you should contact customer support for help. While keeping both apps may be tempting, two antivirus apps are, in fact, not better than one. Running two different apps will slow down your phone and can actually decrease the efficacy of both apps. Once you have installed the old app, you can go to Google Play to download AVG. Google Play is home to several free android antivirus apps so you should double check to save yourself the hassle of downloading the wrong antivirus.

Enable the Settings: Make sure to familiarize yourself with the new app and configure your new passwords. Make sure that you make a note of your passwords in a journal or secure notebook- just in case you forget. Like most apps, AVG is often updated to combat new threats. When you get a notification for an update, make sure to take action as soon as possible.

Changing your antivirus is easy, and since you can download the new app for free, there is no reason not to update.