When it comes to staying in shape, longtime model turned actress Melissa Bolona knows exactly what she’s doing. Melissa Bolona received IMDB credit for her work in “Dog Eat Dog” and “Malicious.” Here are some tips for getting in shape from actress Melissa Bolona:

Do What You Like: The key to sticking to a workout, is finding something that you enjoy. If you like working out as a group, consider a martial arts class, group exercise, or dance classes. If you prefer working out solo, try jogging or weightlifting. If you have dogs, they can become great partners for running or hiking; you’ll be getting in shape and spending quality time with your pets.

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Change up a Routine: If you ever feel stuck in a rut, take some inspiration from the experts and change things up. Actress Melissa Bolona keeps herself motivated by switching up her work out regularly. Adding a change to your workout now and then will help you find new things that you enjoy and help challenge yourself in new ways.

Classes Melissa Bolona Recommends: Among actress Melissa Bolona’s favorite classes are Xtend barre, and ballet bodies- which are both challenging and great for building the same smaller muscles that give professional dancers their strength and grace. For cardio, Bolona enjoys Body by Simone, which combines dance exercises with a cardio workout. If you aren’t a fan of dance, try boxing- it will work your entire body and keep you sweating. Bolona also enjoys the outdoors, and often hits the Los Angeles hiking trails with her dogs.

Once you find something that you enjoy, going back on a regular basis becomes easier. Taking care of yourself should be a year-round commitment and will leave you healthier and more energized to tackle your own career.