Many people want to travel, but figure it’s completely impossible due to the fact that they’re barely paying for their day-to-day life. But it’s possible to save a nest egg for travel and travel for less, ensuring that you can have a dream trip without needing to go into debt.

Here are some top tips for saving for travel:


Switch your credit cards

Owe money for all that credit card spending? Many people are unaware that you can actually consolidate them all onto one card with a lower interest rate- or even no interest rate at all for a period of time. This means that instead of paying the interest each month, you’ll only be paying the balance- allowing you to pay that credit card off way faster so you can use the card as your emergency card when you’re overseas.

Many people also sign up to credit cards due to their awesome rewards, including enough points to get a free flight. Some cards will give you 50,000 worth of points simply for signing up and spending a certain amount on the card each month. While this can seem counterintuitive, as long as you’re paying the balance off each month you can earn a lot of points which can then be used for travel. Many credit cards also include travel insurance with them, just be sure to read the policy before you leave.


Commit to a savings plan

While it’s easy to say that you’re going to save each month, it’s important to commit to a specific amount of money and immediately transfer this money into your savings account (after you’ve paid your bills but before you go out on the town). Set up actionable goals and write down exactly how you’ll me these goals, what you’re saving for, and imagine how good it will feel once you’re lying on a beach in Thailand.

Make some cuts

There are many things that we spend money on almost automatically, and by making a few cuts you’ll be able to reach your savings and travel goal much quicker. Maybe it’s that daily Starbucks run (a coffee and a bagel can add up to almost $50 each week), the gym membership you never use, the constant visits to the movie theatre or the frequent dinners out.

Packing your lunch each day for work is one of the best ways to ensure that you’ll save money, and if you find that you don’t have the time or energy during the week to make healthy, delicious lunches and dinners, spend Sunday afternoon doing some meal prep. Not only will you save money, but your waistline is likely to thank you.

For many people, trips to the casino for dinner, drinks, and the chance to win money can eat up a large portion of their income. Instead, commit to gambling at home at, and you’ll save money while having fun playing in your pyjamas.