If you’re like most people, you’re constantly seeing marketing material and advertising for new products, and while some of these things end up making your life better, many of them are a waste of time and money. So what should you spend your hard earned cash on this year?

Here are a few top choices:

A new phone case

When was the last time you treated yourself to a new phone case? If you take a look at your case right now, what kind of condition is it in? Is it old, worn, and scratched? Does it show your personality or could it be on anyone’s phone? And does it actually protect your phone from damage or is it really just decoration? There are plenty of great iPhone 6 cases and covers available to choose from, so if you’ve found that you could really use a new case, now’s the time to make it happen.

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A bluetooth speaker

If you haven’t bought a bluetooth speaker yet, it’s about time you did. You can pick a good quality speaker up for less than $100, and can use it when you’re cleaning the house, for parties, when you’re working out, or whenever you need to amplify that sound. Another great option is to choose a waterproof speaker, so you can listen to your favourite podcasts or music when you’re washing up.

A decent laptop

If you’re still carting around the same laptop you bought years ago, and it’s doing serious damage to your back because it weighs so much, it’s time to upgrade. This is especially true if you work online and you’re dealing with a laptop that’s heating up, freezing, or just running so slow that you’re continually losing patience.

There are a number of laptops that work well and can be bought for just a few hundred dollars, which is great if you don’t use your laptop that often but want something that will get the job done. On the other hand, if you’re a serious laptop user you may want to upgrade to something that will help you get ahead. Check out the Apple MacBook Air or MacBook Pro

New Sheets

If you’ve been using old sheets for years, and they’re all worn, it may be time to buy some new ones. Many people assume that they’ll be spending a lot of money on nice, comfortable sheets, but you can pick up a nice set of sheets for less than $150 and you’ll be so glad you did. If you really can’t see yourself affording a whole new set of sheets, consider at least grabbing a nice new pillowcase- silk pillowcases are popular for a reason- they’re nice and cool to lie on, they do wonders for frizzy hair, and even help prevent wrinkles.

As you can see, there are a few things you should consider buying if you’re looking to upgrade your life this year.