If you’re planning a trip, it’s likely that you’ve thought about getting a hotel, and it’s also likely that you’re concerned with making sure that you don’t spend too much money- especially if you’re staying somewhere like New York.

There are a wealth of hotel booking sites online, meaning you can easily get stuck down the rabbit hole, cross checking reviews against price and location. Eventually, you may just find yourself choosing one randomly and hoping for the best.

The trick is to start your hotel search as early as you possibly can- so as soon as you know you’ll be in a new city for a particular period of time, that’s when you need to begin searching. This will also mean that you’ll be most likely to get a better room as well.

If your dates are flexible, consider comparing rates for the best hotels over different periods of time. If rates are hugely different one weekend, it could be that there’s a big event or convention on, and you’ll want to stay when there are lots of empty rooms and the rates are nice and low.


Business hotels will often have the best discounts on the weekends (when business clients usually aren’t travelling), while leisure hotels tend to be quieter during the week. When booking your hotel, keep in mind that there are now often lots of extra fees added to rooms, including taxes, booking service fees, resort fees (even if it’s in the middle of the city), swimming pool and spa fees, gym fees, internet and phone fees, parking, and credit card surcharges.

Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a great deal or coupon. Groupon Coupons have a huge range of discounts on different hotels, with some excellent promo codes, rewards programs, and last-minute deals. Even if you’ve already found a great deal, be sure to check Groupon Coupons to see if you can get additional savings by using a coupon.

You can also sometimes get a lower rate by simply asking. Maybe the hotel is running a package or promotion, or they may have family rates, hotel membership discounts, a weekend rate, frequent flier program, convention, or a fallback rate for visitors who simply don’t like the quoted rate.


If you don’t mind which specific hotel you stay at, and you’re more concerned about price, you can consider choosing your price on Priceline, or check out Hotwire for anonymous but discounted rooms. Since you won’t know which hotel you’re in, but you’ll know the general location and star rating, you can save huge amounts of money compared to other sites.

If you are traveling last minute, you can sometimes get a great rate (although if you do know when you’re going to be travelling it makes sense to book early to avoid the stress). There are a number of websites that will have great last-minute rates, and while you won’t have as many hotels to choose from, the discounts can be worth it.