When you’re organising business travel, you’ll be faced with a number of headaches. From trying to change a booking after it’s been confirmed to coughing up the cost for expensive flights, corporate travel can be expensive and time-consuming.

However, there are a number of things you can do to save your company time and money:

Conduct a Flight Comparison Check Before You Arrange a Meeting

When you’ve got no option but to attend a meeting because it’s been booked for months on end, this is when the expensive flights can arise. However, if you can plan your flights in advance, much of these costs will be reduced. So, next time you’re arranging an international meeting, have a look at flights first before you confirm anything. If you can get cheaper flights, arrange the time and date of your meeting(s) around these.


Enlist the Help of a Travel Payment Specialist

Travel payment specialists like AirPlus International Limited are there to take the hassle out of your business travel expenses. Providing handy ways of keeping on top of all your travel expenses, these experts won’t just save you money but the time it takes to reconcile all of your travel expenses, too. Automating many of your manual processes, international payment companies are a godsend for corporate companies who do a lot of travelling.

Use Carry-on Luggage Instead

To avoid all of the additional charges many airlines now have for checked-in luggage, book all your employees carry-on luggage tickets. When they’re only heading off for a few days, they’re unlikely to need a large suitcase anyway, and these small savings will add up over time. Just be sure to check what they can/can’t take on the plane with them before they travel.

Check Airline Websites and Comparison Websites

When you’re trying to find cheap flights, it’s tempting to go straight to a comparison website to let it do all the hard work for you. However, if a particular airline is running a promotion, this might not be picked up by the comparison site. You may also find that prices are cheaper on the airline’s own site, so it’s always worth having a look after you’ve conducted your search. And, if you’re not booking straight away, don’t forget to set up a price alert, which will track the flights and notify you if the prices have been dramatically reduced.