How many destinations are on your bucket list? Let me tell you about mine: I’d love to explore ruins in the Amazonian rainforests, walk along the Great Wall of China, and see manta rays in their natural habitat. Alas, my pockets often have the final say in my travel plans. Instead of the Amazon, I’ve only seen the vast mountain forests of Romania, explore its ruined fortresses, and taken a short visit to the Danube Delta. While these are also great places to visit, they are not quite my “bucket list” destinations. But when the budget is tight, you can either stretch as far as your cover reaches – or try to increase your budget. And if you can also have fun in the process, the better.

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Last year, an Afghanistan veteran from the UK let himself be convinced by a TV ad to become an online player. He registered his account, made a deposit worth £30, and started playing. Imagine his surprise when Lady Luck decided to smile on him – he hit a world record breaking jackpot worth over £13.2 million. When asked about his plans after the win, he told the press he plans to change his car – and take his family on a Mediterranean cruise.

You can play progressive jackpot games at Royal Vegas online with ease. All you need to do is to navigate to its website, register an account, make a deposit, and play your favorite progressive jackpot games. While progressive jackpots are rarely hit, they have the potential to turn your life around completely. Last April, a newbie Royal Vegas player from Canada hit a progressive jackpot, taking home a massive win worth $7.5 million. Enough not only to help him check off quite a few items from his bucket list but to live happily ever after.

It’s not just the jackpots

But the same gaming destination can help you fulfill your travel dreams in other ways, not only through rounding up your travel budget. The Royal Vegas has recurring specials with dream destinations routinely among the top prizes. Last January, for example, players had the chance to win one of the bucket list destinations offered by the casino – diving to the Titanic, seeing the Aurora Borealis from an ice hotel, or even shopping at the Vegas Strip. Besides, the Royal Vegas gives its players the chance to join it on a Caribbean cruise each summer – last year it gave away 50 double tickets for a seven-day cruise, and this year it is expected to do the same.

Having fun and making your dreams come true? Yes, it’s possible – if you are lucky, of course.