It goes without saying that road trips are becoming nearly just as expensive as the more conventional holiday. With booking places to stay, paying for food and petrol alone, it is understandable why so many have opted out of hitting wherever the road may take them. However, although prices might be rising, there are still a few cheaper habits to adopt when planning a road trip that is inexpensive. Here is a how to budget on the classic road trip, which will leave you with a healthier-looking wallet:


Plan A Route

Although it is more pleasurable to stay true to the nature of going wherever the road will take you, it is definitely not the cheapest. To control spending, plan exactly where you will be going in order to estimate the cost of petrol over the number of days you will be travelling.

Prep Your Vehicle

Whether it is a brand new, used or hired vehicle, it is crucial that you get your car ready before a road trip to avoid any mishaps from creeping up when you least expect it. So, inspect those tyres, schedule a check-up and check your battery in order to ensure it is up to the task of handling long drives.

Create A Budget

Creating a budget time and time again proves to be the most cost-effective way of judging budget a road trip. If your budget is particularly tight then it is always good to prioritise exactly where your money will be going. To do this, choose to room-share or even stay in hostels and pack food beforehand, so your money will last much longer. Once this is figured out, there should be no need to worry and you can simply enjoy your road trip.

Road trips on a budget can be tricky at times, although they are definitely not impossible. What is key to having your money go a long way is to do a lot of preparation beforehand, in order to ensure nothing unexpected occurs. This way, you will no longer need to worry as everything will have been taken care of. This means that you will ultimately be able to enjoy the experience of going on a road trip to the fullest without a care in the world, and more importantly with a wallet that is not empty!